Always wanting to do things my way, has turned out to be the worst thing possible for my music career, financially. It has broken up bands, ruined relationships, hindered my guitar skills, delayed my musical presence, mislead my education, and limited my songwriting ability. 

In the eighth grade, I took guitar lessons for 3 weeks before I said," I quit! " I became frustrated and put the guitar down for another 4 years. After I graduated high school, I wanted to play. I began learning basic chords and before long, I was writing shitty songs. 

Always having a passion for music, I tried being in bands, songwriting circles, performance contests, and even owned a DJ company with a great friend of mine. All this to say it has lead me to one place. Here.

Now days, I sit and work alone most of the time. No one tells me when to do or what to do, I do things on my schedule and write songs the way I want to. Not to say I don't co-write or want to co-write, it just doesn't happen that often. 

In 2010, it hit me all at once. I was approaching 40 years of age and really thought things were going to go differently for me. My life was turned upside down, musically, and I couldn't figure out why. It was in that moment, I wrote I Thought I'd Be Famous by Now, which was to sum up everything I had been through and was headed into. 

I understand now why things went the way they did and I am happy. I like writing and performing on my terms, without the stress of trying to make money at this. Yes, it would be really awesome if my music made millions of dollars, but I realized that's not what it's about. Furthermore, I learned I do not want to be attached to a label, or be on a tour, or hold press releases. All I want to do is write, record, produce, and share my music with the world. That's it!! I'm a pretty simple guy.

It really is "just about the music".

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