My first camera kit

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Mark Hemmings was the first Youtube channel I found on photography. This video 6 simple hacks will get you out of AUTO Mode and get you shooting in manual mode quick! If you don't have a DSLR camera, simply start with your phone!


See Mark's Channel Here

Edit with Lightroom 

Start with LR presets 

Serge Ramelli has helped a lot with my Lightroom editing. He has an AMAZING Youtube channel full of helpful tips. He also gives away freebies!! See his channel HERE 

Books that really help

Tony & Chelsea have an amazing youtube channel. In this book there are several video links for each step of the way that show you how 

Visit their Channel Here 

Scott Kelby is a genius. He also has a Youtube Channel and a Kelby One Program. See His Channel Here 

Michael Freeman has several books on photography. I chose this one specifically when I began to explore light problems and solutions. Very extensive book 

Lee Frost describes and demonstrates low light and night photography. I purchased this book after our Nantucket trip because I could not capture any photos at night. I wish I could go back and relive the moments I wasn't able to capture. 

My second camera !!

Body Only 


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