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Happily Ever After

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

We were so nervous. Our son was heading to college in Michigan. It was hard to believe the time had finally come where he was going to be gone. Not just down the road, but many miles away in another state. He had accomplished a voice scholarship to Michigan State University. All the choir concerts, parties with friends, the coming and going, picking him up from school and dropping him off, was all coming to an end.

In a moment of silence, I wondered what it would be like without him in the house. I knew, however, he would find happiness beyond our household and meet new people from all over the world. I grabbed my guitar, like I always do, and began to ramble off words of emotion to a simple chord progression. Somewhere in my mumbling, I sang the words Happily Ever After Me - BOOM! At that moment, I knew I understood how I felt and what the song title would be.

After playing with the song for a few days, I really could not figure out how to say exactly what I wanted to say, so I changed the point of view and made the song a love story between a man and a woman. All of the emotions are the same and the message is still clear in losing someone to a better life and leaving me behind. The words to this song began to bring up a lot of old emotions for me and past relationships. Did I have regret, of course I did. Was I always a god friend, boyfriend,husband, or relative? Simply put, No.

Happily Ever After had such an impact on me I began to write an entire album based on the way I was feeling. I partnered up with my good friend Larry Canepa of the 6202 Band and began writing more songs. The song finally ended up on the album One More Night in Texas in 2011. To this day, Happily Ever After is still my favorite song I've written, and it will always have a special place in my heart knowing where the true inspiration came from.

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