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Finally Free (Acoustic)

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

The wind was blowing quietly through the air and the sounds of waves filled my ears.

We were in a place we had never been before. There was nobody around except Jen, Jordan and myself. Why is it so quiet here? Where is everybody? What kind of a place is this? Should we be here? How is it no one has found this place?

As we walked the beach with our feet in the water, I looked at her and I knew, in this moment, I am truly in love. "At last" I said, "I'm finally free". I have found the other half of my soul and I want to marry this girl.

For me, I knew it was the one thing I needed to express everything about me to someone this special, without judgement.

With the smell of early morning summer in the air, Jen sat next to me with a folded paper map of Texas, eager to lead us to the ocean. I had been anxiously waiting for this moment for a really long time. I was nervous and excited while I had visions of beaches in my head.

As we crammed all of our bags, blankets, pillows, and her son Jordan, in the back of my extended cab pickup truck, and with four bald tires, we headed south. On the long, long highways of Texas, we went. Through small towns, back roads, over bridges, we drove and drove.

We were on our way to Port Lavaca, promising to have a lighthouse. I have always had fantasies of seeing real lighthouses and Jen had agreed to take us to see a couple of them. In Port Lavaca, the lighthouse was disappointing because it had been moved inland. It was now a museum so we stopped in to take a look and read some of the history.

As it turned out, Port O'Connor was an amazing discovery. They often say it's the best kept secret on the Texas coastline. It was true the first time we visited in 1999. We drove down a long two lane road with high grass on each side for over an hour before we finally reached this hidden gem. As we drove through town, it appeared as if the town was "closed".

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more to come..........

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