Smile Again (New York)

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Katz Deli - Pastrami Ruben

Have you ever walked around in total amazement unable to believe this was happening to you?

I went to New York In January for work. While I was there, I asked one of the local guys I was working with to take me down to Katz Deli and I was buying.

Ivan did not have a car so we took an Uber to the Bronx where we were dropped off at the train station. I remember it was a cold, hazy night. Ivan made me purchase a $20 Metro Card so I could ride the train. As we were boarding our first train ride, he told me not to stand with my back pack to the door. People will reach in and grab you!!

Our first stop was 161st St. to jump off and see Yankee Stadium. At this point, I was nervous and anxious about seeing New York, the way I saw it in my mind. Off the subway, through the halls, up the stairs, down the sidewalk, and out to the open. I see yankee stadium. "oh, is that it?" I said.

Back on the train, making our way down to Manhattan. We were really hungry, so we decided that Katz Deli should probably be the next stop. All the way down to Lower Manhattan we went. Once we jumped off the train, I would stop every couple of minutes to snap a photo. There it was....Katz Deli. I could see it on the corner. When we walked in, I was totally taken by the movement of the people in this enormous city and how fast everyone was moving.

more to come.........

Katz Deli on the corner

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