• Jeremy Martin

Texas Moon

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Somewhere in a random place at a very specific time, I will see you. We will pretend to know each other after all of this time and we will talk as if we like each other again.As if 20 plus years of not speaking is normal. After we say our hello's and introduce our significant others, we will turn around and walk away and we will both know this is probably the last time we will ever see each other again. As we slowly leave each other's sight, the remainder of the day will start to fade into the night and leave me with this song.

The song I wrote to you as a futuristic occurrence. The one that says how I really feel and would never say to your face, even if I could remember. The song that stamped a brief moment in time for us.

The realization of never being able to get these moments back will begin to haunt me for weeks and those memories of my younger years will linger. There will be a feeling of excitement because I will remember the wild, energetic, full of dreams, person I was when we were close friends. When all of my thoughts finally settle, I will then realize, I don't know you anymore. You are a stranger now. That will be hard to come to terms with, after all we had been through, in another place and another time.

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