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Afraid To Be Alone

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

I wrote this song in 1991 at the ripe age of 17. Never did I imagine it would ever be recorded or brought to life. If you knew me then, you know who this song is about and all the misery I was going through. These are high school years, and you shouldn't have to experience this type of pain until later in life.

I would go on to experience this type of relationship through 1995 as I ventured in and out of selfish relationships.

In 1996, I was forced to rent my own apartment and begin to learn how to live on my own. No roommates, no neighbors, my parents didn't visit. and no friends. I didn't have any friends because I abandoned them when I was in relationships.

This loneliness, however, was the best medicine I could have. During this long stretch of solitude I found myself, my voice, I wrote hundreds of songs, watched a lot of movies nobody else wanted to see, did what I wanted and when. It was amazing.

I can say this .... If you are afraid to be alone like I was, don't be. It's a pretty good way to find confidence, strength, clarity, and gives you a chance to understand what you really want in life. I was afraid of a lot of things until I accomplished them!!

I couldn't be happier with the way this song turned out. Originally, it was an acoustic ballad. Glad I didn't go that route with this one. It's powerful and needs to have a lot of energy. On our recent trip to Galveston, the beach house seemed like the perfect setting!

That's a photo of my wife in the thumbnail.... She makes sure I will never feel this way again. We found each other in 1999 and married in 2001. There's a special song for us that I wrote in 1999 called Finally Free. You can watch the video we recently recorded and hear the song here.

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