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Every Moment (Eureka Springs)

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

October. This year, it was Eureka Springs. Although it was never on my bucket list, I'm sure glad we went. This place gave me the Halloween / Fall feeling, I really miss.

As we made the five minute walk down a narrow road, with trees shading the path, we found a steep staircase through someone's yard, and made our way to the downtown area. Everything in Eureka Springs is uphill...... I didn't expect that but I guess I should have.

I ventured out in the early morning to walk and explore the town while no one was out. The town was quiet, the stores were empty, the air was cool, and the streets were slightly wet from the morning dew. These are crucial to each trip we take in order to really slow down and breathe the city in. The evenings, however, are made for sitting on the balcony and drinking beer, wine, and talking about life with amazing friends.

Below is a video of our trip with the song Every Moment, which was recorded in 2007, in Venus, TX. I knew I wanted this video to be paired with this song, so I took a few minutes to record myself singing it on the small road that led to Main St. Check out a few of these links to see what we were able to experience. good times, I highly recommend going if you get the chance, especially in the fall.

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