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Finally Free

We've been married almost 20 years. Some will say being married is like a ball and chain. For me, for us, it set us free. We can now live our lives the way we want, on our terms, and with no limits or boundaries.

It was the loneliness and solitude that had me chained down. I couldn't break away from my own mind, my own headspace, and my own prison. I had reached my limit as a solo man and needed some inspiration, love and guidance.

I found all of these things when I said "I Do". Being married to this woman has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. She gave me three children, hope, new dreams, and someone who always roots for me.

Above all, and what most people don't understand, she loves me. She likes who I am. Her heart is kind and her thoughts are genuine. She doesn't want to destroy who I am or who I want to be.

This woman, my Jen.

On a recent trip to Galveston, Jen, the kids and I, loaded up and drove to the beach each morning to shoot these videos. All of my best memories are in the mornings we get up early to go to the beach and watch the sunrise come up over the ocean.

Recording this video was almost like a bucket list thing for me to do. I needed it.

It was really cold and very difficult but I think it came out pretty good. My wife and the kids helped me put this one together while muscling through the cold windy, beautiful mornings. I hope they remember this as long as I will.


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