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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

What keeps us disconnected? I sat and asked myself this question for months. On a random Saturday,about 10 years ago, I sat down with my good friend Larry Canepa, of the 6202 Band, and discussed this topic at length.

As we began to talk this out, a particular tune popped into my head and I began strumming my guitar. - That was in 2010!

Larry and I knew we wanted to capture a feeling of life in a hurry. in days like these, we rush around and try to get too much done, instead of focusing on the things that truly matter. For Larry and I, we both agreed, that a life much simpler, is what we crave the most.

I waited an entire year to film this video. After we visited Broken Bow in 2019, I knew I wanted this song to be filmed here. Never knowing what each trip will bring, I can say I thought there would be more to film, to do, more excursions, something.... but we didn't really do much but just hang out at the cabin.

The whole point of this song though, is slowing down, doing nothing, and being with the people that matter the most.

I can say. without a doubt, I was doing exactly that! We go here every year. If you haven't been, you should really check out some of these luxury cabins. There are several different managing companies that rent and manage different cabins, so some research is in order. Thank God my wife is awesome at this!

Check out the photo gallery below! Broken Bow

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