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Hoover Hills

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

My uncle has a place in Hillsboro he calls Hoover Hills. I love to go to his place for the peace and quiet. Back when Nancy was alive, they would host a huge Halloween party every year and everyone would go there. Those were some great moments that will never be re-lived again. In the later days (a few years back) things were a little less chaotic and we would just go and hang out. He always had the best ribs smoking on the grill all day with ice cold beer in the fridge. The country music was generally blasting through a small boom box and we could hang out, pet the horses, ride the tractor, explore the woods, or just chill by the camp fire. I sure do miss the smell of the grill and the campfire in the air. Leaned back in an lawn chair, sipping suds and listening to music!

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