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It's A Good Thing (The Vineyard at Florence)

August 2021

If you are needing a quick weekend adventure, I highly recommend The Vineyard at Florence. The serenity and peace we found in this special hiding place in Florence TX. was just what we needed! Driving down a long country road we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. A weekend getaway for two. Much needed and very refreshing. The Vineyard Room

As we checked in to our little apartment like room, we offloaded our bags and

headed down to the winery onsite. Placed an order for a flight of wine and began soaking up the evening breeze under a shaded patio. At that moment, all of my troubles slipped away, all that mattered was that moment I was spending with the love of my life! We ate cheese, grapes, crackers, deli meats and enjoyed each other's company on a quiet evening

The long road through the vineyard was superb! Nobody was out but the two of us. we walked along the trees and the quiet road while watching the sun set in the distant sky over the trees. I would stop and say "shhhhh, listen, do you hear that"? NOTHING!! all you could hear was the breeze on the vineyard. I didn't want to go back to the room because it was so nice.

We spent the evening drinking wine on the balcony overlooking the vineyard.

The next morning, I went for a run in the clean cool breeze in the vineyard air. It was so refreshing and I needed a solid workout. There is 600 acres of land to explore. You can walk, run, or rent bikes from the vineyard. There is also a pool and a gym on sight if you really wanted to get a good workout in before breakfast. Not to mention an entire cottage as the spa!

There's nothing better than working up a good appetite before breakfast. After I returned from my morning run, we headed down to have breakfast at the vineyard. We sucked down a couple of mimosas and then had a delicious breakfast while we sat under the quiet patio looking out at the vineyard.

After breakfast, we explored the entire Vineyard driving around.

When it was time for lunch, we had the winery prepare us a backpack lunch, complete with a bottle of wine, 2 wine glasses, cheese, crackers, jams, grapes, and more. We found a nice big tree with a picnic table in the middle of the vineyard and had some lunch. We drank wine and sang songs together.... I brought my guitar along for the ride.

After lunch it was time for a nap!! We rested, watched TV and waited until our dinner reservations at the winery.

We had notified the staff our shower wasn't working properly in our room so they simply upgraded our stay to a suite. Yes!, they have little cabins/suites you can rent as well as a few rooms! WOW!!

For dinner, It was a unique experience. Again, we ordered a new flight of wines to try and had a very nice quiet romantic dinner. We probably spent close to 2 hours there enjoying each other's company, the food and some new wine.

For our last morning, we made one final trip to the winery for another amazing breakfast and then we set out for home. What an experience. I recommend this place to anyone looking to unwind for a weekend.

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