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One More Night in Texas

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

All across this busy American land, it's easy to slip into another time and place with small towns like this. Where progress fights against the enriched history of our ancestors and the past. We constantly struggle and ask ourselves "should we move forward or hold on to what we had"? - to a place that still holds many historic secrets.

I am lucky to say I was born and raised in this great city of Fort Worth.

Always fascinated with the stockyards, I continue to venture back every chance I get.

On any given early Sunday morning, you might see some random guy playing guitar on the street and singing into a camera.

Below is an image gallery of the photos I took while filming this video. Yes, Fort Worth has a river walk. It's not that long and not quite as glamorous as other river walks, but it's exactly the way I expected it should be. Old, rustic, historic, and very quiet.

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