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The Life And Legend - Bass Reeves

I started reading this book several days ago about the US Marshal Bass Reeves. He's been mentioned in several books over the years and featured in a few films, but I never really knew much about him. Once known as the most feared lawman in the West. Living with the Cherokee and Seminoles in the Indian Territory until he was freed in 1865.

Born a slave and never learned to read or write, he was Recruited as a deputy, and was the first black man to serve west of the Mississippi river.

Inspired by his stories, bravery, and fearlessness, I created a piece of artwork, since I could not create a beautiful monument, like the one here in Fort Smith Ark.

After 3,000 arrests, and 32 years of being a lawman, Bass died in Muskogee in 1910, but his gravesite is a mystery. It's rumored to be on private property.

Taylor Sheridan, creator of Yellowstone, is working on his next project to be about Bass Reeves and the lawmen of the wild west. Here is the link

Artwork by Jeremy Martin

other interesting finds

starring Isaiah Washington

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