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This Old Dream

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I can't remember a time when I didn't want to be in music. It's a lifelong dream I've had from a very young age. I can remember singing, as early as the 4th grade talent show, Billy Joel's "Tell Her About It". Once you've had the sensation of being on stage, there's no turning back. I was electrified, petrified, and totally amazed by the feeling.

Songwriting, though, gets in your blood, deep in your soul, and it's very difficult to turn off. With this song, the realization is just that, it's a part of me and who I am. I write songs from nothing, thin air, and try to create something where there was once no existence.

I scribble sentences, hum tunes, mumble random words, whistle and sing in every moment. I keep thoughts bottled up, just in case I need them later. I steal ideas, borrow chord progressions, mimic others and keep journals everywhere. It's an absolute mess but I love it.

When I was writing this song, I had a moment of despair and frustration creep up on me and the lyrics freely flowed out of my mouth and onto the paper. While I love this song for what it says, it is only a moment in time and not an overall feeling. I know a lot of musicians who battle these same feelings and thoughts, but I could never abandon my music!! .... lucky you

4th grade talent show for elementary school. Look how cool I was!!

The video was filmed in Mansfield, TX (the cool music buildings) and a few back alleys in Crowley, TX. My daughter created most of the camera footage while my son made a special appearance in the video! so cool.

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