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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

What matters most?


You and Me....

We all belong.

We all matter.

We all must stick together.

The only thing that truly matters is how we treat each other and how we love each other.

In today's world, this is hard to do .... I know

For a brief moment, I was disappointed that our plans for our vacation had drastically changed, until my wife had to be admitted to the hospital. At that very minute, only one thought existed in my mind ..... her getting better and all of us being together again.

The impact of this pandemic truly hit home when no one could visit the hospital but me... no kids, no friends, no family, - only me.

This was a long hard July vacation, but we made it.

Thank God we are TOGETHER again!

The events of our July vacation are captured in the video....

A fall from my wife and going to the hospital..... that's pretty much it!

Thanks for watching -

Be grateful and count your blessings!

Stay Safe

~ All My Best


"Together "

written in 1999

(about college and going to class)

still rings true today

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