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What Happened in Vegas.....was Haunted.

As a longtime fan of Zak Bagans, I never thought I would get the chance to visit his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. Years ago, I bought the book and have watched Zak and the Ghost Adventures crew from the beginning.

Dark World

Over this past weekend, while on a business trip, I was was able to finally, spontaneously, visit his museum. Although no cameras were allowed inside, I was able to snap a few photos from the outside of the house and just inside the lobby.

This was a 2+ hour experience, going from room to room, listening to Zak (on the TV) explain the significance of all the items in the museum. I bought the RIP pass, which allowed for a few extra perks and a free T-Shirt!!

This place, as you can see from the outside, is very creepy and filled with historic items and stories. there are a lot of old toys, dolls, paintings, a human head, and many other haunting artifacts. Well worth the visit. it was only about $80. be aware though, you do have to sign a waiver, which prevented me from entering a couple of the rooms.